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Alternative Business Awards 2020

Alternative Business Awards 2020

The Alternative Business Awards were held on the evening of Wednesday 5th Feb, hosted at the Curve Theatre, Leicester. The event was the launch of the Leicester Comedy Festival with headlines sponsors being  Eileen Richards Recruitment and Red Monkey Play. Both Eileen Richards and Simon Winfield from Red Monkey Play worked very hard to organise the perfect evening for everyone who attended.

All proceeds raised on the night goes The Big Difference Company. The company run projects throughout the year such as helping men take health seriously and encouraging children at school to eat well, planting trees in The National Forest, reducing carbon emissions; improving the life skills and confidence of people.

Patrick Monahan hosted the event and celebrated the biggest networkers within Leicester on the night. We are proud to have won the “Saving the World One Skip at a Time” award which was sponsored by Bakers’ Waste, the finalists were Soar Valley Press Ltd and Micro- Fresh.

Some of the other finalists and winners are as follows:

New Kid on the Block Award –  sponsored by Pick Everard. The winner was Vicki Standing of Hope Against Cancer and finalists were, Adam Cayless of  PLUG Bathrooms and Dave Orton of Mocha Marketing.

The Team with the L Factor Award – sponsored by Leicester Tiger. The winner was Cross Productions and finalists were, Mattioli Woods and Steamin Billy.

Culture Vulture Award – sponsored by The Miller Partnership. The winner was Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE – e-bate and finalists were, Mark Esho of Easy Internet Solutions and Cassie Davison.

Ryder Cup Award – sponsored by Corporate Architecture. The winner was  Claudia Hamilton and finalists were John Kelly of Mattioli Woods  and Chris Perry of DHL.

Glass Half Full Award – sponsored by Sarah Higgins Corporate Coaching. The winner was Byron Dixon OBE of Mircro-Fresh and finalists were Peter Higgins of Conkers and Laura Kearsley of Nelsons.

Alternative Business Person Award– sponsored by Glynis Wright & Co. The winner was  Nicol Nightingale-Spear of Fothergill Wyatt and the finalists were Neil McGhee of Sempervox and Geoff Rowe of Leicester Comedy Festival.

Top Table Favourite Award – sponsored by Mark J Rees. The winner was Kevin Routledge CBE of Leicester Riders and finalists were Mukesh Patel of Freeths LLP , Eileen Richards MBE and Mark Torr of Torr Waterfield.

Biggest Twit Award –  sponsored by PPL PRS Ltd. The winner was Scarlett Tinsley of  ER Recruitment and the finalists were Liam Deacy of Menphy and Sanjib Sahota of East Midlands Chamber.

In at 9 gone by 5 award – sponsored by East Midlands Chamber. The winner was Claire Herbert of Gateley Plc and the finalists were Bhavin Ghandi of Paradigm Wills & Legal and Amanda Daly of The Turnaround CEO.

Fun where you least expect it Award – sponsored by Torr Waterfield. The winner was Leicestershire Law Society and the finalists were Hope Against Cancer and Hollingsworth Solicitors.

Too hot to handle Award – sponsored by Chutney Ivy Restaurant. The winner of this award was David Simms of Champions (UK) plc and the finalists were  Priti & Dick Coles and Mehmooda Duke MBE.

Eternal Student Award – sponsored by De Montfort University (Enterprise & Business Services). The winner was Guy Thompson of S&G Business Development & Leicester Tigers player and finalists were Yaya Anshur of Chutney Ivy Restaurant and Jenny Cross of Cross Productions.

Bubble Trouble Award – sponsored by PLUG Bathrooms. The winners of this award were Chris Rees & Adam Jolley and the finalists were Nicol Nightingale-Spear & Chris Cain and Ginny & Suz of Mattioli Woods.

Contribution to the community Award – sponsored by Eileen Richards Recruitment and Red Monkey Play Equipment. The winner was Jenny Cross.

A huge congratulations to  all the winners and finalists and a massive thank you to Eileen Richards and Simon Winfield for organising an amazing night of endless laughter.