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Steps Conductive Education Centre

“We are deeply touched and grateful for the wonderful gesture of Smallman & Son Foundation to purchase a caravan for the use of Steps families. Being able to go on holiday is often something that our families cannot even think of. The Smallman & Son Foundation’s gracious offer will enable these families to spend quality time together, some of them seeing the sea for the very first time! Danielle’s outstanding detailed planning included adding a ramp and providing toys and games to enjoy in the caravan. We are sure that the families of Steps will cherish making memories at Terry Lee Lodge for many years to come.”

Indila Simandi, Team Leader at Steps

Steps is a registered charity supporting families and teaching babies and young children with motor disorders, enabling them to lead fuller, more active lives.

Steps offers a unique service using the principles of Conductive Education for children with conditions that cause motor impairments or motor development delays such as Cerebral Palsy, possible chromosome disorders including Down’s Syndrome or other conditions which affect the acquisition of motor skills.

Our goal is to develop the skills the children need to progress and achieve their potential. At the same time, we provide parents with the knowledge, confidence, and strength they need to understand how they can help their child.

Steps was founded in 1994 by a group of parents who recognised the benefits gained of Conductive Education. They wanted to make it available to other families locally and set up the Steps Centre for Conductive Education in Leicestershire. Starting as a tiny group of five local families, Steps now provides professional sessions to more than 50 families every year from across the whole of the East Midlands. Their feedback testifies to the difference which Steps has made to their children’s lives and to the well-being and happiness of the whole family.

Conductive Education was developed in Hungary by Dr Peto. It is based on the simple concept of human potential – meaning that everyone has the capability to learn and develop regardless of their starting point. The focus is on what potential the children have and how their development can be enhanced through optimistic, informed pedagogy. Conductive Education combines education, psychology and medical science and considers all aspects of development.

Steps sessions are based on the principles of Conductive Education and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This structured Early Intervention is carefully planned for small groups of children and their parents. Our professional team leads the parent and child groups through a structured programme designed to help each child achieve individualised developmental steps. Within each group session, children work through a series of stimulating and challenging tasks addressing every aspect of a young child’s development; physical, social, cognitive, communicative and emotional. Achievable individual goals are set and updated regularly for each child.

The children and their parents are encouraged and motivated to achieve tasks. Parents work with their children guided by the professional staff team ensuring that the skills learnt at Steps can be transferred to their everyday home life. Rhythm and language are also integral part of each session.

The Steps professional practitioners team consists of Hungarian and UK degree qualified conductors, teachers and conductor assistants as well as offering childcare apprenticeships in collaboration with East Midlands colleges.

Steps is listed as part of East Midlands Local Authorities Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Local Offer.

Please contact us for further information. http://www.stepscentre.org.uk/

Steps Conductive Education Centre

Steps Conductive Education Centre is a Shepshed-based charity that supports families and teaches babies and young children with motor disorders. We visited Steps in 2017 and we felt that the work that happens each and every day was truly inspirational. Since then, members of our team have volunteered at Steps; we particularly enjoyed the children’s Christmas Party! In 2018, our Managing Director, Brian Garrity, decided to buy a caravan for the families of Steps to enjoy. He decided to call the caravan “Terry Lee Lodge” in memory of his late brother. With the prices of holidays soaring (especially in the school holidays), this is a not-for-profit project that enables the families of Steps to enjoy a relaxing break by the seaside. Everyone in Team Smallman is very proud to be able to help this local charity in this way; there is something truly magical about Steps!